ambides marco

Who we are

We are a non ‚Äď profit civil association our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the villages and improve their living conditions through the promotion, diffusion and research of new technologies about education and environmental health, housing and healthy spaces, as well as the design of productive projects, its formulation and implementation of public policies with civilians; local, regional and national institutions.


Contribute to the community’s sustainable development in Peru and Latin America, strengthening capacities and promoting appropriate eco-technologies, generating strategic partnerships and stimulating the society’s participation


Be a recognized and consolidated organization at the national and international level that contributes to improve the community’s living conditions following the sustainable development principles

Our Goals

  • Conserve and preserve the environment, its forms of life and the natural and cultural resources for its rational and equitable use by the actual and future generations
  • Formulate and execute projects oriented to improve the community‚Äôs environmental health and quality of life.
  • Strength the capacities of local people and also of the institutions for an adequate environmental management and responsible use of its resources.
  • Promote the development of healthy areas that contribute to improve the living conditions (schools, canteens, housing, community and responsible institutions)
  • Encourage the participation of citizens for them to control and be updated with the developed actions and management of processes at the different levels of government.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a proactive and participatory approach that through our different specialties and our international experience in the development of projects and programs, we have committed to contribute for the improvement of the community‚Äôs environmental quality.¬ļ



  • Esq. Jorge Manuel Ancieta Huaynate

Vice president

  • Eng. Walter Gustavo Iriarte Blas

Executive Director

Members of the Directing Council

  • Arq. Jos√© Leopoldo C√°rdenas Mu√Īoz Ver presentaci√≥n.
  • Eco. Lu√≠s Iv√°n Villacorta Guzm√°n

echnical Team

  • Bach. Alessandra Sandoval Carranza
  • Bach. Ivan Villacorta Sandoval
  • Blga. Mar√≠a Ysabel Vargas Febres
  • Cad. Nagait Rodriguez Fabian
  • Econ. Osmar Sandoval Alvarado
  • Eng. Eleonore Castillo Figueroa
  • Eng. Karen Contreras Lima
  • Eng. Pablo Pe√Īa Quispe
  • BA. Lynda Arcela Roca

Organization Chart

Organigrama ambides

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