ambides marco


Our Experience

  • Design, execute and promote productive and supportive projects for the production and services small enterprises
  • Design and excecute training programs for the local environmental management
  • Project Design about Environmental and health education
  • Preparation of a Study and Research in the environmental health and sustainable development area.
  • In our specialization area we disseminate and produce documents
  • Develop projects about natural resources conservation, forestry, sustainable tourism, degraded areas restoration.
  • Preparation and advisory for the development of strategic plans and management policies.
  • Preparation of Urban Development Plans
  • Basic Sanitary projects for rural, urban and marginal – urban population
  • Project Preparation and execution for the integral and sustainable domestic waste water
  • Preparation and execution of projects for the solid waste integral management (domestic, hospital, industrial, hazardous waste)

How we work

We do our work by establishing agreements of international cooperation and consortium with other NGOs, to understand the local government’s needs and so the communal organization (neighborhood, farmers, peasants, women, youths, others), as well as other private and public institutions, national and international community.

who we work with

  • Public bodies
  • Professional Schools
  • Local Governments
  • Universities
  • Private Enterprises and international cooperation agencies.

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